Postnatal Pilates/springboard with baby is a 8-week training program for mothers together with children from 8 weeks til 12 weeks old.

START: 13 or 15 may, depending of participation. Write to us about which day you wish to participate. 

END: 1 or 3 july.

8 WEEKS  between  10.30 am- 12.15 pm

PRICE: KR.995,-

Help for purchase - or Mobilepay 995 kr to no. 66594 (only 5 digs) Remember to write your emailadress when you pay.

Max amount of participants is 7 persons (At waiting list, extra teams can be created by appointment)

 Start of new training programs for mother and baby, is ongoing. The studio is in a quiet environment inside a bright and inviting courtyard. There spaces to leave your stroller outside the door and window, where we workout. The training covers various exercises as needed, to support the mother in being active and strong! Especially the training emphasis on the rehabilitation of the pelvis and your core. The training will mainly take place on mats with springboard and div. props like Magic circle, balls and weights and form rolls.

The course will start as soon as we have 5 participants. If overbooked, there will be a possibility to arrange an extra class.

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