How to use the bookingsystem

Click on the button “Log ind” in the upper right corner, to sign in. (If you are using the mobile version the button might be located at the bottom of the page)
To create a new profile click: “Opret en ny brugerkonto” and fill out the blanks. Adgangskode – means create your code. Fulde navn, is Name.

BUY PASS/UNITS (Klippekort):
If you don’t have any credit, the system will show you a red square textbox. Telling you that you have to buy credit, when you click on a class and try to book the class! Go to “dine indstillinger” (your settings) Here you will se your settings and a red “Køb Kredit”  (buy kredit)-link. This link will redirect you to the webshop where you can pay by credit card.

Click on the class in the calendar that you want to join. Press “Ny tilmelding” (new booking) and then press “Opret tilmelding” (confirm booking). Classes will be held as soon as we have 3-4 participant minimum.

Click on the tab called “Oversigt” (overview) on top of the calendar to view your bookings.

Click on the tab called “Oversigt” (overview). Press the little “note”- icon on the left side of the class, then press the icon again and press “afmeld” (cancel).

Bookings can be cancelled as following:

9 hours before all  classes starts in the studio.

12 hours before all  classes starts at bellevue Beach.

20 hours before Private, Duet’s, Semi private classes starts.