Hej Pernille. Tak for super gode timer på pilates herreholdet om mandagen. Timerne er gode for mig, fordi jeg får en rigtig givtig ”rundtur” med hele kroppen, giver god læring med lille hold og fordi du har en dejlig entusiastisk tilgang. Og tak for ros, det er dejligt at du kan se det rykker for mig.Svend U. N. PA Consulting Group

“… i absolutely love Pernille’s passionate way of teaching! It does not matter how tired or grumpy you are when you arrive at her studio, she makes sure that by the time you have finished your training you will be energized, happy with your self and with a smile! Pilates is a life-changing experience and Pernille, in a top professional, but at the same time in her own unique friendly and caring way, guarantees that you will make, at every single training, the most out of this experience.”Maria Papakyriakou. Cuprus.. Now Hellerup

Jeg har gået til Pilates igennem 4-5 år nu og har prøvet en del forskellige lærere.
Pernille er er i absolut topklasse: vidende, erfaren og krævende på den gode måde. Og så har hun et ukueligt humør, som (næsten) får en til at glemme hvor stramme ens haser er.
Jeg kan varmt anbefale hende, man lærer både hvad Pilates handler om og hvordan det skal udføres.

Med venlig hilsen
Per Nikolaj Kampmann
Kunst og køkkentøj

Per Nikolaj Kampmann

Charlottenlund 2015Per Nikolaj Kampmann, Charlottenlund 2015

“Pernille er en dygtig træner der udfordrer dig til mere og sved på panden. Altid med godt humør og stor professionalisme. Intet er tilfældigt når Pernille sørger for at din krop shapes de rigtige steder. Jeg kan på det varmeste anbefale Pernille som træner i Pilates og flere andre spændende discipliner (senest suspension).”

Annetta Elmo
Annetta Elmo Management Aps - Charlottenlund

I live in Marathon, FL. USA.
I recently had the privilege of being trained in Pilates under the fantastic Pernille Olsen.
It was a life changing 3 months. Her understanding of Pilates, Yoga and how the body
works in general, is amazing. I have been taking Pilates private lessons for 2 1/2 years,
and she produced results in me that none of the other 4 teachers were able to accomplish.

I miss her terribly!

She is definitely a great teacher, mentor, and all around good person.
I wish her well in all her endeavors, and hope we can train together again.

Lesli Diane Nash

Diane Nash

Marathon, Florida, The Keys USALesli Diane Nash, Marathon, Florida, The Keys USA

July 2014

Pernille is an outstanding Pilates instructor and an exceptional human being. In an era where getting away with the least amount of effort is commonplace, where people no longer stand by their word, where true professionalism is an all-too-rare occurrence, and where folks tend to look out only for themselves, Pernille is one of those rare people who truly stands apart. I had the good fortune to work with her privately, as her Pilates student, approximately four times a week for three months, and to get to know her outside the studio as well. Those unfamiliar with Pilates might not realize how difficult it is to become a great instructor in this capacity. Pernille has not only studied an extensive list of Pilates training techniques in different parts of the world at her own expense, but more importantly, she has the ability to transfer and apply this knowledge to each individual’s specific condition, to observe a multitude of seemingly invisible movements of a person’s body simultaneously, to communicate corrections with true helpfulness and accuracy without ever sounding condescending, and to do all of the above while already anticipating the next movement that needs to be cued. With Pernille’s help, I have made progress toward my physical goals that I was unable to make previously. And virtually every other student currently taking lessons at my studio has said the same thing. In addition, despite the inevitable trials of life, I have never seen Pernille to be short on patience, short on optimism, short on preparedness, or short on empathy. She is extremely generous with her own time for people who show the desire to do their best and to improve upon the abilities being targeted in a Pilates program. She does all of this with a sense of goodwill and good humor that make it a pleasure to work with her. In interactions outside the studio, I’ve noticed Pernille to be just as honorable, dedicated, energetic, reliable, and good-willed as she is within the studio. I guess that should come as no surprise…. A mentor once taught me that “how a person does one thing is how they do everything.” I have found that statement to be an invaluable truth, and it is absolutely the case where Pernille is concerned. If I ever have the pleasure to have Pernille return to my town as a visiting instructor again, I will RUN—not walk—to the studio to be the first to sign up for her lessons. And whether or not she returns to my town, I will be honored to consider her a lifelong friend.

Dr. Meg Nelson

Marathon, Florida KeysDr. Meg Nelson, Marathon, Florida Keys